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Ladle is a single package and command that does not require any initial configuration. It is quickly deployable even into complex monorepo setups.


pnpm add @ladle/react

It expects that react and react-dom are already installed.

Add a story

Ladle looks for all stories matching the glob src/**/*.stories.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}.

Let's create our first story:

export const World = () => <p>Hey!</p>;

If you use .js for your React components (JSX), you have to import React explicitly:

import * as React from "react";

Run and develop

pnpm ladle serve

Development mode. It will start a dev server and open your browser. This is ideal when you want to quickly develop your components.


pnpm ladle build

Production build. It creates a build folder and outputs Ladle assets into it. This is optimized and minified version that you can deploy or use for testing.

You need to serve it through a http server. Ladle has the preview command you can use.

pnpm ladle preview


This is a full set of commands you can follow to get a basic setup from scratch:

mkdir my-ladle
cd my-ladle
pnpm init
pnpm add @ladle/react react react-dom
mkdir src
echo "export const World = () => <p>Hey</p>;" > src/hello.stories.tsx
pnpm ladle serve


You can also try ladle in your browser through our StackBlitz template.