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Ladle is a drop-in alternative to Storybook. It is a tool for developing and testing your React components in an environment that's isolated and faster than most real-world applications. Ladle also creates an index of your components so you can easily test them through tools like Playwright.

Ladel Demo

Why? Performance!

Ladle supports only React, embraces latest standards (ES Modules) and focuses on performance. It's built around Vite - the modules are directly served to the browser and the bundling step is completely skipped. This means instant server starts no matter how many components it needs to load.

Ladle still produces an optimized bundle using rollup when it's time to deploy it. Without adding a single component Storybook 6.4 outputs 5.1MB of assets. Ladle only 250KB. Ladle is almost 20x smaller.

Each Ladle story gets automatically code-splitted so it doesn't matter how many components your want it to handle. Ladle always loads fast.

Do you want to work on Ladle and other web tooling? Our team at Uber is hiring!